My Top 5 Fitness Tips

February 15, 2014

My Top 5 Fitness Tips



1. Know the reason you are working out!​Set an intention for every workout. Why are you exercising? If you have a BIG enough WHY... you will always be motivated! Find a WHY that empowers you!


2. Realize the POWER of your MIND!Have a mental and physical image of your goal! See yourself already being this way so much that it makes you excited because you know this is what you really are becoming! "Whether you think you CAN, or you think you CAN"T, YOU ARE RIGHT!


Watch your self talk! If you eat some bad food or miss a workout, don't degrade yourself, take responsibility for your actions, realize your POWER is in the NOW, look at your reason WHY you are doing this, look at your picture of your goal, and make a change for better next time!


3. Your body is like a machine, feed it the best fuel possible!​Eat lots of whole, organic, foods all throughout the day! Organic Veggies and Juices (w/ no added sugar rock!)STAY AWAY from Chemicals and processed foods!!! It will save your life! Learn to read labels! IF you have a hard time pronouncing ingredients its probably a good idea to not eat or drink it!


4. You don't have to go to the gym and kill yourself everyday to be in shape.Find fitness activities that YOU like and will look forward to doing!Change it up! If you always do the same exercise will get bored and your muscles will get used to it! If you are looking to change your body, change your fitness continually! There is an endless supply of physical activities to choose from... Biking, Yoga, Jogging, Hiking, martial arts, fitness videos/class, dance, power walking, rollerblading, cross training, tennis...and the list goes on! Don't allow yourself to get bored!


5. Allow yourself to be a BEGINNER!If you want to try something new, in fitness, or in anything in life, don't allow being scared of not being amazing stop you from trying! (If you had this mindset as a baby you would not be able to walk).




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